Atoms are the building blocks of matter.
Atoms are spherical.

A little history:

The sphere has intrigued me for years. It is the base of my technique for working wood into organic shapes.

I built a house with the sphere as its core.

In the building sphere there is only one measurement that you need, to do the project. That is the diameter of the sphere.

You determine your diameter, put a pole in the centre of that and mark vertically the centre of the sphere on that pole. All your measurements to any part of the wall is going to be the same. To make this even easier we have developed a guiding stick that is affixed to the centre of the pole in such a fashion that it can indicate the distance from the centre as well as its curved contour.

For this process, the larger the circumference, the easier it is to work with straight lines as we sometimes have to do, such as for window and door frames.

Through this method the sphere can be built with a high margin of accuracy using common materials like adobe, brick and I imagine even cement blocks, though ecologically not the best choice.

For our first construction which had a diameter of 6 meters we built a mould for the brick-maker.  At 6 meters the angle was minimal, and we realized we could be using commercially available brick and  adobe.

We will show how to determine a mould that will give you a universally transferable unit that can be positioned anywhere on the sphere.

Valle de Bravo, Mexico